Our mission at Bold Beautiful & Voluptuous is to embrace, emphasize, and empower curvaceous, full-figured women to be unique and fabulous in their own right, by providing a community where full-figured and plus size women thrive and support and uplift one another, access to apparel and resources that promote body positivity, self love, and self-confidence, and opportunities to fulfill goals that they've dreamed of (i.e. modeling, pageantry & wellness). We encourage our Queens to take ownership over every curve they possess and to allow the consequential confidence and inspiration to connect them to people, places, and ideas they've always envisioned.


At Bold, Beautiful & Voluptuous, we aim to build a community of confident, fabulous, head-turning, sexy, and classy voluptuous women. Our logo will be sported by more than just full-figured women, but also by those who embrace, support and thrive off our community. BBV will be the go-to for the styling and clothing needs of her voluptuous sisters for any and every occasion. BBV will maintain a combination of a brand-centric and customer-centric business, and will always aim to connect with, uplift, support, satisfy, challenge, and empower curvy, full-figured women, globally, to intentionally own and flaunt their curves. We will also continuously encourage our curvy customers to embrace that voluptuous, beautiful, fabulous and stylish Queen we both know rests inside each of us.

About Us From The Founder

Bold Beautiful & Voluptuous was birthed by yours truly, Kiarica Smith, after years of conforming to the beauty standards of others. I witnessed my curvy and full-figured cohorts choose to be conservative with their attire so they can hide their curves. Many were dimming their own lights, taking away from their own vibrancy, by being too shameful to clothe their bodies with the threads and colors they admire and dream to wear. I watched my mom, relatives, friends, and other curvy and full-figured women struggle to find trending, cutting-edge, perfectly fitted attire to wear for different occasions. If you’re anything like me, honey, you do not want to look like the next woman, and you surely don’t want to look average or bland. 

I decided that we needed a place where we can shop for fabulous, trending items tailored and pieced together specifically for our individual tastes. I wanted to establish a place where every voluptuous and curvy queen felt accepted, supported, catered to, free to be themselves, inspired, and related to by women who have shared similar experiences. When you experience BBV, you don’t leave the same way you came. At BBV, being curvy, voluptuous, and full-figured is A BIG DEAL, honey!! We don’t take things lightly here at BBV. Our customers are a BIG deal, their curves are a BIG deal, their taste & style is a BIG deal, whatever the occasion may be is a BIG deal, and their fabulous departure is a BIG deal!

Our View of Our Customers

A BBV Queen turns heads when she walks into a room. She owns and flaunts every curve on her body and will try to own yours if you allow her. Although she embraces and loves on her curvaceous cohorts, she doesn’t hate on any other body type. She is the life of every party. There’s belongingness, freedom, and comfort in her presence. You can always expect poise, elegance, a smile, compassion, enthusiasm, confidence, and a pair of heels when she’s present. She’s too remarkable to fathom, too elegant to touch, and too loving to live without. She challenges you during every encounter…you never leave her presence the same way you entered it. She pushes back borders, breaks glass ceilings, and tears down boxes they attempt to put her in. Honey, she is a Queen…A BBV Queen!!


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